International Congress: Decolonizing Museums and Resignifying Monuments (November, 20-22, 2024)

Del 20 al 22 de noviembre
Madrid, Spain

THE INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS: DECOLONIZING MUSEUMS AND RESIGNIFYING MONUMENTS will be held in Madrid, Spain in two venues: a) Centro Cultural La Corrala (UAM); b) Geography and History school, (UNED).  

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: JULY 15th (see info below)



The “International Conference: Decolonizing Museums and resignifying Monuments” brings together experts in memory, colonialism and decolonization from different contexts, continents and research centers. The conference’s primary objective is to investigate methods to promote a deeper understanding of decolonization processes, considering democratic alternatives for different contexts. Currently, the decolonization of museums and resignification of monuments are crucial concerns since they go beyond attempts to erase collective ´heritage´ and instead involve the reconversion of these spaces of representation into more inclusive settings with a wider range of perspectives. The main lines of work of the Congress concerning monuments will be removal, replacement, or destruction; as well as management, contextualization, and narrative modification. A thorough examination of the following aspects of museums is proposed: restitution, return and repatriation, other narratives, and inclusive management. The academic activity is based on specialized monographs and other academic activities conducted at the UNED in 2023 and 2024. It will conclude with the collective production of documents reflecting its main debates and conclusions, as well as the construction of a global network of experts committed to these issues.


-To promote an informed and interdisciplinary discussion on the decolonization of museums and the resignification of monuments. 

-To promote an intersectional dialogue between academics, museologists, museum and memorial workers, cultural managers and mediators, artists and activists.   

-To meet, exchange, learn and systematize initiatives of decolonization and resignification in different socio-cultural contexts.  

-To facilitate the creation of a critical community on decolonization, made up of academics, cultural managers, museologists and artists, among others. To promote academic-social initiatives in this regard. 


We’re accepting submissions for paper presentations related to the following thematic areas and subareas:

1) Monuments: a) Destruction; b) Removal or replacement; c) Resignification.

2) Museums:  a) Restitution; b) Repatriation and return; c) Changing narratives and inclusive management.


Deadline for submissions of abstracts: 15 July 2024. 

Deadline for acceptance of abstracts: 19 August 2024. 

Deadline for submission of papers: 15 October 2024.  


-Abstracts will have a maximum length of 200 words. In addition, the institutional affiliation of the author(s) should be indicated; e-mail address; and thematic areas to which the paper is related (for example: subtheme 1C: Monuments-signification). Abstracts may be submitted in English or Spanish.   

-Papers will have a maximum length of 8000 words. They may be presented in English or Spanish.  

-Papers will be accepted in individual authorship or co-authorship with a maximum of three authors. Each author, whether writing individually or in collaboration, must only submit one paper.


Contact email address:

Créditos de la imagen:

Antonio Turok. “Collapse of Don Diego de Mazariegos, Chiapas”, 1992